Rhythm and Blues

by Dr Keith J. White

Communicating emotions without words

Making a Difference?

by Chris Durkin

What impact does social case work have on families?

The Key Texts: An Overview

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

The lessons which today’s child care professionals need to learn.

Teenagers and the Social Work Services:-by John Triseliotis

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

A thorough study of the effectiveness of services and what people thought of them.

Recognizing and Helping the Neglected Child:-by Brigid Daniel and others

Book Review by David Lane davidlane

Evidence-based practice for assessment and intervention.

Community Homes with Education - Reformation of the Approved Schools?

by Jim Hyland, davidlane

The eighth in a series on the history of the approved school service

Closing children’s homes

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

A research report which demonstrated children’s need for residential care

The Maria Colwell Report:Chaired by T.G. Field-Fisher

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

Oranges and Sunshine

Film Review by Rosemary Lilley

A film to see, about child migration: unglamorised, unexaggerated and sobering

I Have Seen the Future in East Africa

by Dr Keith J. White

Home-grown services that meet children’s needs.

News Views

Including the impact of cuts, music teaching in London, the culling of the quangos, the soul of social work, joining …

Social Work in Scotland- Now an Online Challenge!

by , davidlane

A novel way of involving the public in appreciating the complexity of social work decisions

‘Consequences’ by Elizabeth Reinach and Glyn Roberts

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

A study of the effectiveness of an observation and assessment centre

‘Leaving Care’ by Mike Stein and Kate Carey

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

Indicators for success- and failure- in aftercare

Beyond Caring: Chapter 11

by A.J. Stone

Is there a future for a boy with a past?

The Environment in Residential Child Care

by Robert Shaw

Children are not just individuals; their environment matters too.

News Views

Including a new residential care blog site, social work visits, the aftermath of crime, teddy bears and an anonymous staffing …

To Infinity and Beyond

by Kathleen Mulvey, davidlane

How training can develop careers and education can open the eyes

Training of Child Welfare Workers in Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland

by Mervi Nyman

An explanation of the systems, the training, the competencies - and some of the problems

Training: A Good Dose of Medicine?

by Angie Bartoli

Will the Workforce recommendations make social work better?

Comments On the Adoption Story

What grandmother thought should be learnt by professionals

Introducing Social Pedagogy

by Abby Ladbrooke, davidlane

Adapting the UK to SP and SP to the UK

A Historical Tragedy

by Robert Shaw, davidlane

Is social work trapped in problem-solving? Who will rescue it?

News Views

Including social pedagogy, respite care and work with children – the basic model

A Tear of Reflection…

by Claudia Megele, davidlane

The need for the wider community to understand social work

Residential Child Care, the Under-valued, Unacknowledged and Untrained Profession

by Charles Sharpe, davidlane

‘Residential Task in Child Care’ by Barbara Kahan and Geoff Banner

Digest by Robert Shaw

A landmark report that set professional standards for residential child care

Baby P: The Lessons

by David Lane

What can social work learn from this case?

Best Practice in Social Work: Critical Perspectives by K. Jones, B. Cooper, and H. Ferguson

Book Review by Sue Kennedy &, davidlane

Understanding the Abnormal : An Interview with Monika Niederle

The social pedagogy angle on the case of Josef Fritzl

Child Care Past and Present

by Roger Bullock, davidlane

Evaluating how things have changed over half a century

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child :The Essential Role of Social Work

by David N. Jones

IFSW meets the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

Learning from History : Conclusions

by Chris Durkin &, David Lane, davidlane

In Care : Joy : 1

Learning from History : Lesson 5 :Realistic Expectations

by David Lane & Chris Durkin