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Including the recognition of social education/ pedagogy as a profession, allergies, children’s savings, attainments and the school year, choice of …

International Developments in Social Pedagogy

by Benny Andersen

Season’s Greetings from Benny Andersen, President of AIEJI

Telling the World about Social Pedagogy

by Benny Andersen, President of AIEJI

Pass on the Copenhagen Declaration on Worldwide Social Pedagogy Day.

The Social Educator in a Globalised World

A major Congress for anyone interested in social pedagogy / social education

The Professional Competences of Social Educators : A Conceptual Framework


The training needs, competences and ethical guidelines for social educators

Introducing Social Pedagogy into Residential Child Care in England

by , davidlane

A description of an important project with pointers for the future

Words, Ideas and Realities

by David Lane