Aberlour Narratives of Success : by Professor David Divine

Book Review by David Lane

Social Pedagogy – Theory into Practice

by Michael Greig, Edinburgh City Council, davidlane

A case example from a Scottish residential care unit.

Another Kind of Home: the Skinner Report :by Angus Skinner

by Robert Shaw, davidlane

A perceptive report on residential child care in Scotland

Throughcare and Aftercare

by Jeremy Millar, davidlane

SIRCC : Changeover to the New Centre

A broader remit and a smaller budget, but it’s still there.

The Clyde Report on Homeless Children:Chaired by James Clyde

Digest by Robert Shaw

A practical review with clear conclusions which shaped Scotland’s child care services.

The Kilbrandon Report:Chaired by Lord Kilbrandon

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

An outstanding report which placed Scotland in the lead in the treatment of young offenders.

Investing in Relationships

by Nick Johnson

An invitation to network, have dialogue and learn

News Views

Including the impact of cuts, music teaching in London, the culling of the quangos, the soul of social work, joining …

To Infinity and Beyond

by Kathleen Mulvey, davidlane

How training can develop careers and education can open the eyes

News Views

Including ASPECT and social pedagogy, NCMA, nursery provision in Scotland, Voice and mobile phones, and running away.

Little Einstein’s Recruitment Drive

by Deepak Poddar

They are launching a campaign to attract high achievers

An Einstein Solution to those Tricky Staff Shortages

Solving problems by expanding services

We need a Full National Debate on Scottish Nursery Provision

by Deepak Poddar

Starting by providing the service with the best buildings for the job

We need a full National Debate on Scottish Nursery Provision

by Deepak Poddar &, davidlane

News Views

by , davidlane