Aberlour Narratives of Success : by Professor David Divine

This is a most unusual book and it is fascinating in a number of ways. For a start, the author is an unusual person. He spent his early years in a large institution – Aberlour in Scotland – before being fostered, and in the course of a professional career with both ups and downs, David … Read more

Throughcare and Aftercare

If we are to look at outcomes for children and young people who have experience of being looked after, we find that their later life chances are considerably reduced on any measure that you may care to name. The extent of the disadvantage experienced by young people leaving care was comprehensively detailed in the report … Read more

We need a full National Debate on Scottish Nursery Provision

Everyone agrees that our children deserve the best possible start in life, and that our nursery provision should reflect the critical importance of the nursery years in shaping young lives. Yet it’s a sad fact that in today’s Scotland the quality of provision you can expect depends to a very great extent on where you … Read more

News Views

A mixture of news items, events, comments and whimsies, including the Government’s new Children’s Plan, Dolly Parton in Rotherham, parents in prison, social exclusion, justice, Good Enough Caring, early education in New Zealand, grading in Scotland, grading in England, IASSW in South Africa and social pedagogy in Slovenia New Year Happy New Year! We hope … Read more