Tributes to Gillian Corsellis

by davidlane

A champion of young children

Residential Child Care in Practice by Mark Smith, Leon Fulcher and Peter Doran

Book Review by David Lane

A positive, realistic description of what relationships can achieve in residential care

Residential Homes for Children and Young People

by Valerie Jackson &, davidlane

Opportunities are few; do your homework first.

But What is it For?

by Dr Keith J. White

The importance of philosophy - even in England

Watching from the Wings

by Helga Stefanov davidlane

A personal view of developments in international child care over nearly forty years

Open letter to Tim Loughton

by Jonathan Stanley davidlane

A whole system analysis and reform is needed for Children’s Services to use children’s homes positively.

Appletree attends Children’s Homes Event

by davidlane

Congratulations to Sarah on her successful nomination for “star” carer.


by Charles Sharpe davidlane

Issue 11 of the Journal is now online at

News Views

Including the heart of residential child care, social pedagogy, a field trip to Germany, a conference in Ireland, HDJ and …

Seasons of the Sector: Reflections on a Recent Gathering of the Clans

by Stuart Hannah

What is the future for residential child care?

Petition to Re-establish NCERCC

Background information prepared to support the ICSE petition

Closing children’s homes

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

A research report which demonstrated children’s need for residential care

Residential Childcare – It Doesn’t Have to be For Ever

by Clair Davies

An important role as part of properly planned care programmes.

Approved Schools in The 1960 –Time for Radical Thinking

by , davidlane

The fifth in a series on the history of the approved school service


by Charles Sharpe

Another issue is out; read all about it.

Isabel Menzies-Lyth

by Charles Sharpe, davidlane

Some observations on her life and work, and the struggle with primitive anxieties

The Twelve Supports for Residential Care

by David Lane

It’s a difficult job and it needs the right back-up.

The Child, the Family and the Young Offender

Digest by , davidlane

A White Paper which caused debate about ways to deal with young offenders.

Children in trouble

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

A new rationale for treating young offenders A message from Charles Sharpe

by Charles Sharpe

The eighth issue of the journal is now out.

Restorative Practice in Children’s Homes

by Steve Walker

Improving relationships in residential care

‘The God Squad’ by Paddy Doyle

Book Review by David Lane

A classic - frightening and moving: the inside story about institutional life in Ireland

A Professional Job?

by Kathleen Lane &, davidlane

An opportunity for residential child care workers to shape their profession

To Infinity and Beyond

by Kathleen Mulvey, davidlane

How training can develop careers and education can open the eyes

‘The Other 23 Hours’ by Albert Trieschman, James Whittaker and Larry Brendtro

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

Practical advice on residential child care

Introducing Social Pedagogy

by Abby Ladbrooke, davidlane

Adapting the UK to SP and SP to the UK

What’s So New about Social Pedagogy?

by Dr Keith J. White

It’s been around for years at Mill Grove.

‘The Loveliest Girl in the World’ by Miina Savolainen

Book Review by David Lane

How photography can empower children in residential care

Residential Child Care, the Under-valued, Unacknowledged and Untrained Profession

by Charles Sharpe, davidlane

Editorial : A Prejudice that Needs to be Shifted

by , davidlane

Why are so many field social workers opposed to residential child care?

Twenty Years On

by David Lane

FICE-Hungary : what a professional association can achieve

‘Spare the Child’ by David Wills

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

The struggle to change a traditional approved school to offer relationship-based treatment

News Views

Including the recession, generations, social workers’ attitudes to residential child care, working methods, Catholic adoption societies, bouncers and voluntary work

Time for the Phoenix

by David Lane

Residential child care workers need to make their voice heard again.

Advisory Council in Child Care : Care and Treatment in a Planned Environment

Digest by Robert Shaw

York Group Day : A Report

by David Lane

Restorative Practice

The Growth of Love : A Response

by David Lane

Why this book is really interesting - and may prove to be important

Reflections of a Has-Been: 2 : A Miscellany of Staffing Matters

by Roy Grimwood

Training, pay, working hours, risk and health and safety all affect good residential care.

Residential Child Care’s Heritage – and its Future

by Professor Roger Clough, davidlane

The conflicting images of residential care for children, problems and positives

Caring in an ‘Outcomes Framework’- Init?

by Gus Greene

Trying to explain the Five Outcomes at Bluebrick

Every Child Matters : A Personal Reflection

by Ewan Anderson, davidlane

Implications for practice and training

A Day In The Life Of A Care Worker

by Rowan Dickman &, davidlane

Two Conferences

The Task of Residential Child Care :Cultural and Social Integration

by Yehiel Shilo