Residential Child Care, the Under-valued, Unacknowledged and Untrained Profession

A Personal Statement I believe that a significant number of troubled children and young people are best helped by the provision of residential child care. Amongst these I would include those who, though they may for the time being not be able to live with their families, nonetheless have such a strong feeling of belonging … Read more

Advisory Council in Child Care : Care and Treatment in a Planned Environment

The Key Texts are the classics from the past, which helped to shape today’s services. Some are books, some are research reports, some are papers or chapters in books and one is a Government policy document. We have selected a score of texts, and are offering a “digested read”. They are being published at a … Read more

The Task of Residential Child Care :Cultural and Social Integration

This article is made up of excerpts from a speech by Dr. Yehiel Shilo, Director of the Administration for Rural Education & Youth Aliyah in the Ministry of Education, delivered to welcome FICE’s Federal Council to Israel in October 2007. “I’m glad and proud to speak to you in my capacity as the leader of … Read more