Approved Schools: Issues for the System

by Jim Hyland, davidlane

The cost of care and the question of success.

The Beginning of the Approved School System

by Jim Hyland, davidlane

How standards of staffing, training and physical conditions in schools for young offenders were improved over four decades.

A Brief History of Events and Trends from 1695 to 1969 in the Residential Care of Young Offenders in the UK

by davidlane

‘Nautical Training Ships: An Illustrated History’ by Phil Carradice

Book Review by David Lane

An important part of child care history which helped boys in need play a man’s role

Another Move for Admiral Boscawen

by David Lane

How the Admiral’s history tells the ever-changing story of child care

‘Yesterday’s Naughty Children’ by Joan Rimmer

Book Review by David Lane

A History of the Liverpool Reformatory Association

News Views

by , davidlane

A mixture of news items, events, comments and whimsies, including men in childcare, confidentiality, Andrew Rowe, Barack Obama, bullying, Court …

Residential Care - The Early Years

by Phil Carradice

The hopes, failures and achievements of the pioneers

‘Juvenile Delinquents: Their Condition and Treatment’ by Mary Carpenter

Digest by Robert Shaw

The historical classic about services for young offenders

Social Care - A Reactive Profession

by Phil Carradice

Why services for children were developed, and why we need to study the past