Reading the Riots

by Chris Durkin

Punishment is not enough; a lot of hard work is needed to emphasise the positives.

Economics Where People Matter

by Chris Durkin

Going back to “Small is beautiful” and empowering communities.

News Views

Including the lessons of Haute de la Garenne, an honour for day nurseries, Key Texts, night lights and melatonin, social …

Learning as the Motor for Fundamental Change

by Chris Durkin

- And teaching as the starter for learning

Child Poverty Briefing

‘The God Squad’ by Paddy Doyle

Book Review by David Lane

A classic - frightening and moving: the inside story about institutional life in Ireland

‘Changing Times, Changing Needs : A History of the Catholic Children’s Society in Westminster’ by Jim Hyland

Book Review by David Lane

A history of the Catholic Children’s Society in Westminster

Wake Up Call

by Chris Durkin &, davidlane

Both in Haiti and the UK, young people need long-term economic solutions

News Views

by , davidlane

Including hopes for 2010, poverty, AIEJI, vetting, obesity, access to child care records and Christmas snippets

Jonas Hanway: Pioneer Philanthropist

by Robert Shaw davidlane

An outstanding campaigner for many causes

News Views

Including games, Moon Sand, play, child poverty, A Levels, YoungMinds, island communities and pedagogy in Slovenia .

Education, Success and Rewards

by Chris Durkin

Social exclusion and poverty v. education and achievement


by Anton Tobé

There’s lots of work to be done

Barriers to the Inclusion of Roma Children

by Dr Sun?ica Macura-Milovanovi?, davidlane

A study of the impact of educational and social exclusion on Roma children in Serbia

Albania, a Country Full of Challenges

by Anton Tobé

A strong economy is needed to counter poverty and develop services for children.

Educate the Parents to Educate the Child

by Chris Durkin

The Impact of Poverty

by Chris Durkin