Understanding Children’s Behaviour: By Dr Dinah Jayson

This is one of the Family Doctor Books put out by the British Medical Association. At £4.95 for 208 pages of useful information it is clearly aimed at a mass readership, and in the introduction it says that the book is intended for “anyone bringing up, caring for or working with children – parents, carers, … Read more

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Including child poverty, the lessons from Baby Peter, foster care recruitment, family eating habits, fitness, fun and football, archiving theses, disciplining children, ‘research’, changing the clocks, the NCBC and the NCB.


Childhood is a concept that has intrigued researchers for many years. There have been historical accounts which trace the evolution of childhood through the centuries. There have been some interesting cultural comparisons written. I would like to begin the ‘Children Webmag – recollection and understanding of childhood’. If any readers wish to contribute, just email … Read more