The Legal Framework for Work with Juveniles in Secure Settings in Denmark

by Soeren Hegstrup davidlane

The need for aftercare to enable social inclusion on leaving care

Approved Schools in The 1960 –Time for Radical Thinking

by , davidlane

The fifth in a series on the history of the approved school service

A Brief History of Events and Trends from 1695 to 1969 in the Residential Care of Young Offenders in the UK

by davidlane

‘Leadership in Children’s Services’ by Siobhan Maclean and Mark Shiner

Book Review by Valerie Jackson

Understanding the policy framework

The Growth of Love : A Response

by David Lane

Why this book is really interesting - and may prove to be important

Child Care Past and Present

by Roger Bullock, davidlane

Evaluating how things have changed over half a century

The Children and Young Persons Bill

by David Kidney MP

Listening to children and meeting their needs.

Social Care - A Reactive Profession

by Phil Carradice

Why services for children were developed, and why we need to study the past