Teacher Diaries 1 : Learning to Teach

by Valerie Jackson &, davidlane

The old methods were the bes

Learning and Developing

by Robert Shaw, davidlane

The need to blend practice with theory, teaching, recording and modelling

Learning as the Motor for Fundamental Change

by Chris Durkin

- And teaching as the starter for learning

Rethinking Attachment Theory

by Dr Keith J. White &, davidlane

Every child adds to the social dynamics of its family

A Little Child will Lead Them

by Dr Keith J. White

Asking questions, seeking answers and being prepared to learn

Constructing Training for Human Services Professionals: A Commentary

by Dr Jennifer Lehmann

A commentary on professionalisation and the impact of new technology

Some Basic Concepts 3: Zone of Proximal Development

by Gabriel Eichsteller, davidlane

How children can be helped to learn through social pedagogy

Social Pedagogy: the Impact of Rousseau

by Valerie Jackson &, davidlane

How Rousseau, Plowden et al. influenced the teaching milieu and methods

Education, Success and Rewards

by Chris Durkin

Social exclusion and poverty v. education and achievement

The Things Children Say

by Valerie Jackson

The complexities of words, grammar and tones of voice

How children learn best

by Chris Durkin &, davidlane