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Sir Paul Ennals The National Children’s Bureau (NCB) has announced today that Sir Paul Ennals will be moving on from his role as Chief Executive in the autumn of 2011. Paying tribute to Sir Paul, NCB Chair, Dame Gillian Pugh, said, “NCB has been enormously fortunate to have been led by Paul Ennals for the … Read more

Pathway Care : Harnessing Innovation To Attract Quality Foster Carers

Finding enough foster carers is a real challenge for UK fostering agencies, yet Pathway Care, one of the nation’s leading independent agencies, continues to grow despite the countrywide shortage. Latest statistics from the Fostering Network estimates a short-fall of some 10,000 foster carers in the UK. So how do we at Pathway do it? By … Read more

Running a Hotel in Montenegro : Real Jobs for Young People

Anton Tobé travels widely in South Eastern Europe, partly in his role as Vice President of FICE, and in this account of his visit to Montenegro, he reports on an innovation that meets many needs at the same time. The country No matter which Balkan country you travel through, you will always find nature to … Read more

London’s Forgotten Children : Thomas Coram and the Foundling Hospital by Gillian Pugh

In August 2004 we reviewed Dame Gillian Wagner’s excellent biography of Thomas Coram, Gent. This book also focuses on Thomas Coram in the early chapters but then goes on to trace the history of the Foundling Hospital which he established and its evolution into the Coram Family today. It is a fascinating story.We are appalled … Read more

Youth Aging out of Care: An Overview

Technological and medical advances have done little to decrease the numbers of children at risk in the developing world. Instead, with the increased sophistication of reporting systems, there seem to be increasing numbers of children and adolescents whose development is seen as compromised, whether because of overt abuse, neglect or an insidious pattern of parenting … Read more

The Search for Therapeutic Residential Care

I recently spent some time in Australia and contributed to three child care conferences with a particular focus on residential care. It was striking to discover that many agencies wanted to explore what constituted ‘therapeutic’ residential care. This was a particular focus for the people in Victoria State (which includes Melbourne). There the Government has … Read more