Honouring Joyce Robertson

by Jonathan Stanley

By setting up systems which reflect the lessons of research

The Fair Start Global Project

by Niels Peter Rygaard davidlane

A free e-learning and organizational development program for orphanages and foster families in quality care-giving in 29 languages

Losing Control:By Henrietta Bond

Book Review by Valerie Jackson

What it’s like being in care.

A Safe Place for Rufus By Jill Seeney

Book Review by Valerie Jackson

Helping children to begin to trust

News Views

Including language impairment, epilepsy, childminding, fostering and adoption, rating books, the Golden Jubilee, running away, safeguarding, ‘research’ and Mittel Appenzell.

Parenting a Child with Dyslexia:by Chris Stanway and Lorna Miles

Book Review by Valerie Jackson

Sharing the problems: a book based on experience.

Kinship care and well-being

by Meredith Kiraly davidlane

Children and young people speak out about contact with their families

News Views

by , davidlane

Including riots, long summer holidays, residential child care statistics, street work, Wellesley Nautical School, Gerd Schemenau, laughter, remembering residential care, …

Closing children’s homes

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

A research report which demonstrated children’s need for residential care

“We have no choice” - the challenge of kinship care

by Meredith Kiraly

Stability and continuity of care for the children, but sometimes there’s a price to pay

News Views

by , davidlane

Beyond Caring : Chapter 21

by A.J. Stone, davidlane

Is there a future for a boy with a past?

Attachment and Resilience in Residential Care: A Historical Perspective

by by Robert Shaw, davidlane

Long-term relationships are important for a successful childhood, whatever the setting.

The Clyde Report on Homeless Children:Chaired by James Clyde

Digest by Robert Shaw

A practical review with clear conclusions which shaped Scotland’s child care services.

Fostering Success

by Marion Thorpe

Change needed in the organisation, support and reward of foster care ?

Moving My Life- Again

by a former foster child

Every change of foster placement carries its losses, hopes and fears, which can last a lifetime.

‘The Second Curtis Report’ Chaired by Dame Myra Curtis

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

An outstanding report which had a massive impact at a critical point

‘The Monckton Report’ by Sir William Monckton

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

A report which highlighted foster care failures and the need for change

How was it for You?

by Clair Davies

Christmas can be a difficult time, but it is special.

The Corporate Family

by David Lane

An idea for supporting care leavers

Beyond Caring: Chapter 17

Is there a future for a boy with a past?

Beyond Caring: Chapter 16

by A.J. Stone

Is there a future for a boy with a past?

Beyond Caring: Chapter 14

by A.J. Stone

Is there a future for a boy with a past?

The Long Journey Home

by Clair Davies

A journey of one thousand steps starts with just one

‘Leaving Care’ by Mike Stein and Kate Carey

Digest by Robert Shaw

Indicators for success- and failure- in aftercare

‘How Nurture Protects Children’ by Jim Rose

Book Review by Valerie Jackson

Better than bureaucracy

“It doesn’t seem like me.”

by Dr Keith J. White

The messages that records give - and fail to give

Family Group Homes

by David Lane

An important piece of child care history, but inadequately documented and worth reconsidering

‘Foster Home Breakdown’ by David Berridge and Hedy Cleaver

Digest by Robert Shaw

A detailed study providing guidance to social workers on what works

‘Child Care Now: A Survey of Placement Patterns’ by Jane Rowe, Marion Hundleby and Louise Garnett

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

Social workers’ views as to what works

Foster Care - When do the Child’s Rights Begin?

by James Moran, davidlane

Should settled children be uprooted to meet parents’ wishes?

Fostering a Fostering Disaster

by Marion Thorpe, davidlane

Draft National Minimum Standards are unrealistic and do not reflect practice.

Wise Up On the World Wide Web

by Robert Fitzgerald

People looking after children in care need to be ahead of the game.

Adoption - A Mother’s Story : Part 4

The fourth part of a personal account of becoming an adoptive parent

‘Children who Wait’ by Jane Rowe and Lydia Lambert

Digest by Robert Shaw

A landmark study of children in long-term care

News Views

Including social pedagogy, respite care and work with children – the basic model

Adoption - A Mother’s Story : Part 3

by , davidlane

The third part of a personal account of becoming an adoptive parent

Reforming Youth Welfare in Serbia

by Anton Tobé

The development of training and the introduction of family group conferences

‘A Place Called Hope’ by Tom O’Neill

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

Personal experiences of the care system shaped professional thinking.

‘Children in Foster Care: A Longitudinal Investigation’ by David Fanshel and Eugene B Shinn

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

A study of what makes for success in foster care

Scene in the Post Office Queue: Sally’s View

by Kathleen Lane

Same scene, but Sally’s View

Jonas Hanway: Pioneer Philanthropist

by Robert Shaw

An outstanding campaigner for many causes

‘Institutional Care and Placing-Out; The Place of Each In the Care of Dependent Children’ by Elias L. Trotzkey

Digest by Robert Shaw

An early piece of comparative research, looking at added value

Integrated Services to Meet Individual Need

The Sycamore Services system for fostering children in residential care

Scene in the Post Office Queue

by Kathleen Lane &, davidlane

Passing on the problems

Editorial: Of Fat Cats and Foster Carers

Foster care merits professional rewards.

Children and Foster Care: Inclusion, Exclusion and Life Chances

by Dr Keith J. White &, davidlane

Listening is the start to overcoming disadvantage.

I Would Not Swap This Job For the World

by , davidlane

A job for professionals - and there are vacancies.

Pathway Care : Harnessing Innovation To Attract Quality Foster Carers

by Conor Rooney

“The Children Find Living In a Family Setting Too Difficult.”

by Dr Keith J. White

The danger of dogma in meeting individual needs

Coping with Loss and Disruption

by Chris Durkin

Healing processes can help people to adjust.

Attachment During a Foster Care Placement

by Valerie Jackson &, davidlane

And the impact on the development of children’s brains

It Must Be Me

by Kathleen Lane &, davidlane

Making sense of chaos

The Ideology of Residential Care and Fostering

by Dr Keith J. White

The damage of failing to reframe

60th Anniversary : Launching the History of FICE

by David Lane

Children, Families and Care: Reflections on the First Sixty Years of FICE

The Role of the Social Pedagogue

by Professor Ewan Anderson, davidlane

The concept of pedagogy has a long history, but it is now finding its time.

The Long Journey Home

by Clair Davies

A journey of one thousand steps – an Appletree Success Story

Child Care Past and Present

by Roger Bullock, davidlane

Evaluating how things have changed over half a century

Running a Hotel in Montenegro : Real Jobs for Young People

by Anton Tobé &, davidlane

London’s Forgotten Children : Thomas Coram and the Foundling Hospital by Gillian Pugh

Book Review by David Lane

Youth Aging out of Care: An Overview

by Varda Mann-Feder

The Search for Therapeutic Residential Care

by Ian Milligan &, davidlane