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Including Scotland Street School Museum, the influence of individuals, Tell Us Once, adoption and Prime Ministers, character and child care, Youth and Policy, possible Ph D topics and ‘research’ (mainly about busy mums)

‘Uprooted: The Shipment of Poor Children to Canada, 1867-1917’ by Roy Parker

Uprooted: The Shipment of Poor Children to Canada, 1867-1917 contains 354 pages of painstakingly researched material (including 60 pages of notes, references etc.), but if that description makes you think that this must be a dry and dusty academic tome, think again. The story it tells is harrowing, and it has a cast of 80,000, … Read more

Reflections on Training and Recruitment within the Children and Young People Sector in the UK

I was having a conversation recently with a group of people involved in the sector. One was an assistant in a state school nursery and also a counsellor for the older children who exhibit behavioural or other challenges which may create disruption in the classroom. Another worked with children and young people as a playwork … Read more

Training and Education: A Message from Valerie Jackson

A few months ago, an invitation went out to our readers to let us know, if they were professionals working with children and/or young people in whatever capacity, to contact us and inform us about the qualifications and training within their countries. We didn’t receive a particularly positive response. In fact there were about three … Read more

Training and Education in Child Care

In the 80s, there were huge shifts in child awareness. There was the incredibly forward-facing Childline* which gave children and young people anonymity whilst they talked out their experiences of being abused or rejected by those who should have loved and protected them. There were the significant names of small children who were in the … Read more

Promoting Children’s Well-Being in the Primary Years

Book Review by Sue Kennedy The focus of Promoting Children’s Well-being in the Primary Years (Right from the Start) children and in particular primary years education. The book is a collaborative production “on a grand scale” say the editors, and when you read the notes on the contributors this is not an exaggeration. All the … Read more