The Fair Start Global Project

by Niels Peter Rygaard davidlane

A free e-learning and organizational development program for orphanages and foster families in quality care-giving in 29 languages

Letting Be

by Dr Keith J. White

The need for space and risk in order to develop and learn

Haydn Davies Jones : An Appreciation

by davidlane

Welshman, Captain, Lecturer, Dean, European, Child Care Visionary, Man of the Hills, Family Man.

Sometimes It’s All Worth While

by Valerie Jackson

Of snakes, slugs and the revised EYFS


by Dr Keith J. White

Finding oneself at home the other side of the world

Advanced Residential Child Care Training - What Do You Think?

by Graham McPheat

A CELCIS questionnaire for you to express your views.

Home Education : We are weathering the storm.

by Valerie Jackson

The pitfalls and satisfactions of teaching a child at home

Education at Home

by Valerie Jackson &, davidlane

Suiting education to the child

News Views

Including Scotland Street School Museum, the influence of individuals, Tell Us Once, adoption and Prime Ministers, character and child care, …

Taking Pride in the Profession

by Valerie Jackson

The challenges and satisfactions of teaching - not ‘just a job’

Urban Village Schools:by James Wetz

Book Review by David Lane

Putting relationships at the heart of secondary school organisation and design

Child Labour in Pakistan

by Save the Children

The long-term impact of the floods

Success in Schools, or Skills for Life?

by Chris Durkin

Is the challenge of exams the best way to encourage high standards, or is a rounded education the best way …

Teacher Diaries 4 : Teaching Methods

by Valerie Jackson &, davidlane

The evolution of systems to teach reading

Teacher Diaries 3 : Down to Work

by Valerie Jackson

Getting a class to work as well as play.

What is Your Guiding Principle when you Seek to Help Children?

by Dr Keith J. White

And how do you put it into practice?

Teacher Diaries 1 : Learning to Teach

by Valerie Jackson &, davidlane

The old methods were the bes

The Challenges Facing Leaders in Special Education

by Matthew Payne

Trying to understand which way the government is going

‘Britain’s Sixteen-Year-Olds’ by Ken Fogelman

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

Following a cohort through adolescence

‘Growing up in Great Britain’ by Ken Fogelman

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

Collating the findings and implications

Learning as the Motor for Fundamental Change

by Chris Durkin

- And teaching as the starter for learning

‘Uprooted: The Shipment of Poor Children to Canada, 1867-1917′ by Roy Parker

Book Review by David Lane

‘Nautical Training Ships: An Illustrated History’ by Phil Carradice

Book Review by David Lane

An important part of child care history which helped boys in need play a man’s role

Beyond Caring: Chapter 8

by A.J. Stone davidlane

Is there a future for a boy with a past?

To Infinity and Beyond

by Kathleen Mulvey, davidlane

How training can develop careers and education can open the eyes

Constructing Training for Human Services Professionals: A Commentary

by Dr Jennifer Lehmann

A commentary on professionalisation and the impact of new technology

Reflections on Training and Recruitment within the Children and Young People Sector in the UK

by Valerie Jackson &, davidlane

The Implementation of Social Pedagogy from the Perspectives of Practitioners

by Sylvia Holthoff and Gabriel Eichsteller, davidlane

A collection of reflections

On Headington Hill, Oxford

by Dr Keith J. White

Intelligence is ultimately moral, practical and social, as well as academic.

Setting up a Home for Children and Young People in the UK

by Valerie Jackson &, davidlane

A new project: watch this space to see how it emerges.

We Shall Not Cease from Exploration

by Charles Sharpe

The goodenoughcaring Journal no.6 is out.

‘The Hero of Garside School’ by James Harwood Panting

Book Review by David Lane

A ripping Edwardian schoolboy yarn

Namibia Journey

by Isla Mitchell

The mutual benefits of offering help to people in other countries

Social Pedagogy: the Impact of Rousseau

by Valerie Jackson &, davidlane

How Rousseau, Plowden et al. influenced the teaching milieu and methods

‘Children in Distress’ by Alec Clegg and Barbara Megson

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

A landmark text on the impact of education on children in need

Back to School?

by Dr Keith J. White &, davidlane

Checking on the basic aims of schooling

Training and Education: A Message from Valerie Jackson

‘Summerhill’ by A.S. Neill

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

The thinking behind an unusual, innovative and lastingly influential institution

Aleesha: Part 3

by Elaine

Learning about disability as a parent

Converting a Problem into an Opportunity

by Chris Durkin &, davidlane

For individuals and the Government the recession offers the chance to change for the better.

Raising Funds for World Challenge Expedition

by Isla Mitchell, davidlane

Working hard to raise money to be able to work hard - and have a good time

Wanted: Dialogue on Training and Education

Looking for articles, emails and blogs - facts and ideas

Training and Education in Child Care

by Valerie Jackson

“Take Away Two from Three and You’ll be Left with One”

by Dr Keith J. White &, davidlane

The symbolism of gain and loss in mathematics and stealing

Training and Education of Child Care Workers

Both training and education are vital and need to be protected.

The Changing Face of Registered Childminding!

by Pauline

Registration … induction …Ofsted … EYFS … degrees … and the Childminding Forum

Jonas Hanway: Pioneer Philanthropist

by Robert Shaw davidlane

An outstanding campaigner for many causes

The Legacy of Homer Lane

by David Wills davidlane

One of the great names of child care writing about another

Future Themes

by David Lane

Ideas for the next six months - and authors are wanted.

Education, Success and Rewards

by Chris Durkin

Social exclusion and poverty v. education and achievement

Hey, Minister, Leave our Schools Alone.

by Kathleen Lane &, davidlane

The failings of the current education system are the result of Government interference.

Love as Security and Community in a Nursery and School

by Mark Ingham

Thinking aloud about providing security in primary education with love

A Rewarding Job that’s still often Misunderstood

by Carol-Anne Hegbin, davidlane

Nursery nursing - a picture of daily life where the action is

We need a Full National Debate on Scottish Nursery Provision

by Deepak Poddar

Starting by providing the service with the best buildings for the job

Enabling a Creative and Fulfilling Childhood

by Chris Durkin

Promoting Children’s Well-Being in the Primary Years

Book Review by Sue Kennedy &, davidlane