Friendship and other Weapons by Signe Whitson

Book Review by Valerie Jackson

Group activities to help young girls aged 15-11 to cope with bullying

One in Four Children Bullied in School Last Year

Stop and think; words can hurt

Are you ready for Anti-Bullying Week 2011

Practical guidance for dealing with a problem that can hurt.

Bullying: the Child’s View-by Jean la Fontaine

Digest by Robert Shaw

What was learnt from children’s helplines


by Vanessa Rogers

A new phenomenon or just a different disguise? Bullying has been around a long while, and it needs to be …

Review: CyberBullying

Book Review by David Lane

Activities to help children and teens to stay safe in a texting twittering social networking world

Children and Ethics when using SMS and Facebook

by Vibeke Lasson, davidlane

We need to rethink our social behaviour and norms as children are at risk.

Bullying is a Personal Thing

by Valerie Jackson

Bullying is widespread and has to be faced.

Beyond Caring: Chapter 9

by A.J. Stone, davidlane

Is there a future for a boy with a past?

Action Training

by Professor Ewan Anderson

How the participation of the trainer in the practice has multiple spin-offs

News Views

by , davidlane

A mixture of news items, events, comments and whimsies, including men in childcare, confidentiality, Andrew Rowe, Barack Obama, bullying, Court …

York Group Day : Every Child Matters and Restorative Practice in Schools

by Paddy Stephen

Getting the ideas to work in everyday school life

Reflections of a Has-Been:Child Protection in Caring for Children

by Roy Grimwood

Evaluating the impact of investigating abuse in residential care

Every Child Matters : A Personal Reflection

by Ewan Anderson, davidlane

Implications for practice and training

Yoshihide Ishiyama Addresses Some Current Problems of Japanese Education

by Professor John Potter &, davidlane