Favourite Childhood Stories

Book Review by Valerie Jackson

Make up your own or read a book - stories feed the imagination

‘Evolution and Revolution’ by Robert Winston

Book Review by Eleanor Irvine

Making Darwin accessible, readable, informative and entertaining

‘Animals Up Close’ by Igor Siwanowicz

Book Review by Liam John Ryan

Bursting with colour and full of amazing facts

Entering an Enchanted World through Reading

Book Review by Lynn Daley

Whether reading to children or learning to read, books open one’s eyes.

‘Dizzy the Dog at 1 Beechnut Gardens’ by Elizabeth Davis

Book Review by Valerie Jackson &, davidlane

Searching for the family

‘Grizzly Dad’ by Joanna Harrison

Book Review by Valerie Jackson

Appearances and inner realities

‘House of Secrets’ by Diana Harker

Book Review by Valerie Jackson

Sinister mysteries below a genial surface

‘The Stone Cat’ by Marion Perkins

Book Review by Valerie Jackson

The conundrum of bringing stone to life

Editorial: Storytelling

Opening children’s eyes to ideas

Books in the Lives of Children

Book Review by Kathleen Lane

How reading can open windows

A Message from Winnie the Pooh

Book Review by Steve Robinson Chief Executive, Langley House Trust

Learning about language

‘The Wonderful Isle of Ulla-Gapoo’ by F. Dubrez Fawcett

Book Review by Adrianne Jones, davidlane

Can we escape again to wonderful memories of the past?

Childhood Memories

Book Review by Diane Stevenson, davidlane

From Little Black Sambo to A Child’s Garden of Verses

“And this one’s just right”… Reflections on the Fairy Tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Book Review by Professor Carol Kelly

‘The Story of Ferdinand’ by Munro Leaf

Book Review by Nicola Hilliard, Librarian, NCB, davidlane

Tales of fear and adversity overcome

Favourite Childhood Books Recalled

Book Review by Dr Keith J. White

Metaphors and other stimuli for the imagination

‘Black Beauty’ by Anna Sewell

Book Review by Joan Mason Vice Chair, National ChildMinding Association

A classic tale of cruelty and kindness, which has sold over 50,000,000 copies

‘The Hero of Garside School’ by James Harwood Panting

Book Review by David Lane

A ripping Edwardian schoolboy yarn

‘Looking for Atlantis’ by Colin Thompson

Book Review by Mike Littlewood

A search for treasure - and self

‘Return to the Hundred Acre Wood’ by David Benedictus

Book Review by David Lane

More of Christopher Robin, Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Wol, Kanga, Tigger, Rabbit and Rabbit’s friends and relations