Dr Barnardo: Champion of Victorian Children : by Martin Levy

First, a caveat. I am not an expert in the life of Dr Barnardo, so I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the book’s facts or the choice and balance of the material chosen, but it is clear that the author has done a lot of research and has formed his own views on earlier … Read more

Aberlour Narratives of Success : by Professor David Divine

This is a most unusual book and it is fascinating in a number of ways. For a start, the author is an unusual person. He spent his early years in a large institution – Aberlour in Scotland – before being fostered, and in the course of a professional career with both ups and downs, David … Read more

‘Protecting Children and Young People from Harm and Abuse – Recognition and Response’ by Rita Hannah Langton and Siobhan Maclean

Protecting Children and Young People from Harm and Abuse: Recognition and Response is aimed at all professional students training to work with children and young people to enhance their skills in recognising and acting on suspicion or evidence of abuse or harm. As such it can be used as a training manual, covering the National … Read more

‘Uprooted: The Shipment of Poor Children to Canada, 1867-1917′ by Roy Parker

Uprooted: The Shipment of Poor Children to Canada, 1867-1917 contains 354 pages of painstakingly researched material (including 60 pages of notes, references etc.), but if that description makes you think that this must be a dry and dusty academic tome, think again. The story it tells is harrowing, and it has a cast of 80,000, … Read more

‘Challenges for Child and Youth Care: A German-Israeli Dialogue’ Edited by Emmanuel Grupper, Josef Koch and Friedhelm Peters

This collection of papers from a two year German-Israeli project offers an insight into the development of social pedagogy and a variety of ways of working with children and young people which will repay study by those seeking to take child care forward. Some of the papers were clearly written for the exchange and a … Read more

‘Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country: Kids’ Letters to President Obama’ Edited by Jory John

This is an easy book to review without reading all of it. It consists of just over 120 pages of letters to President Obama by children of a wide range of ages, some short, some long, with a scattering of drawings. It is a book to dip into. And it’s well worth dipping. Jory John, … Read more

‘Promoting Resilience – Supporting Children and Young People Who are in Care, Adopted or In Need’ by Robbie Gilligan

What is the book about? This is specifically for children and young people who are in the care system or who have been in care and have since been adopted or returned home. The idea is that there are stories, questions and answers in order to enhance and enrich the experiences of these young people … Read more

‘Your Feeding Questions Answered’ by Annabel Karmel

This is a book for parents and possibly for professionals working as nannies. Each page is filled with questions and answers to alleviate anxieties and promote relaxed parenthood and healthy children. It provides brief information about the development of children and what I liked is the interesting facts that are scattered throughout. The pages are … Read more

‘Inclusion, Equality and Diversity in Working with Children’ by S. Griffin

Inclusion, Equality and Diversity in Working with Children, in the ‘Professional Development’ series, aims to arm practitioners who work with children with a one-stop resource for recognising and combating exclusion and discrimination of all kinds. As such it is very comprehensive and contains excellent definitions of key terms, such as ‘stereotype’ and ‘self esteem’, as … Read more

Best Practice in Social Work: Critical Perspectives by K. Jones, B. Cooper, and H. Ferguson

Best Practice in Social Work: Critical Perspectives sets out to explore best practice in social work across a range of services. A fundamental position of the writing is the critical best practice. The focus is on what are considered the best approaches to ‘real events and cases’ and detailed examples of interventions are explored with … Read more

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Today : A Handbook. Edited by C. Jackson, K. Hill and P. Lavis

As Sir Al Aynsley-Green, Children’s Commissioner for England, says in his foreword, “I want to see … a society that recognises the importance and centrality of children’s mental health to all aspects of their current and future lives”. The book is structured in five parts: Part I: Mental health, policies and service structures; Part II: … Read more

A Jargon Busting Dictionary for Social Care by Bridget Caffrey and Siobhan Maclean

Review by David Lane “ Kirwin Maclean Associates work in the field of social care training (see www.kirwinmaclean.com), and this book presumably came into being because they realised that there were large numbers of workers who were bemused by the thousands of acronyms and terms for new Government initiatives, let alone the host of disorders, … Read more

Social Work:An introduction to contemporary practice

This is a ‘tomb’ of a social work textbook aimed at social work students studying at undergraduate and post-graduate level. The book is filled with case examples, questions for reflection, study activities, selected reading, useful websites, glossary of terms and additional sources across a wide range of concepts in social work practice and linked to … Read more

London’s Forgotten Children : Thomas Coram and the Foundling Hospital by Gillian Pugh

In August 2004 we reviewed Dame Gillian Wagner’s excellent biography of Thomas Coram, Gent. This book also focuses on Thomas Coram in the early chapters but then goes on to trace the history of the Foundling Hospital which he established and its evolution into the Coram Family today. It is a fascinating story.We are appalled … Read more