Sworn Statements

by David Lane

A means to justice for some who lose out?

Children’s Rights Enshrined in the Irish Constitution

by Noel Howard davidlane

The battle for recognition, an important milestone?

Human Rights, Children and Integrated Working

by Ally Dunhill and Dr Richard Burchill

How to improve interprofessional collaboration and prevent child deaths.


by David Lane

Greater openness is needed, but would it breach the Data Protection Act?

One in Four Children Bullied in School Last Year

Stop and think; words can hurt

Raissa Page

by Ros Niblett, davidlane

An appreciation of a champion of children’s right to be heard

Are you ready for Anti-Bullying Week 2011

Practical guidance for dealing with a problem that can hurt.

A Charter for Children’s Rights Under the Family Law

by Charles Pragnell, davidlane

Children are still treated as pawns or possessions.

CAU! Want Help

Calling on children and young people to join the campaign

Achieving Rights for Children in the UK

by Prospera Tedam davidlane

A brief analysis of the report by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

The Virtues and Limits of Rights

by Dr Keith J. White

What A Christmas Carol offers that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child does not

The Right Not to be Hit

by Rachel Harrington

Children need to be heard and not hit.

The Chance to Make Choices

by Valerie Jackson

How children’s rights relate to circumstances

Children’s Rights and Responsibilities

by Maureen O'Hagan &, davidlane

The debate about whether they should be linked

Race Equality Teaching

by Jane Lane &, davidlane

Knowing what racism is (and is not) - a prerequisite for putting racial equality into practice in the early years

The Impact of Quality4Children on Children’s Rights

by Monika Niederle

And Children’s Rights as the basic principle for developing the Quality4Children standards

Quality 4 Children : Quality in the Best Interests of the Child

by Monika Niederle

Quality Standards in out-of-home Child Care in Europe: Why the project was set up, how it worked and where it’s …

The Use of Restraint – Why and Where are we going Wrong?

by Chris Payne, davidlane

The dangers of current practice analysed, with pointers for the future

Young People on the Board

by Emily Middleton

The NCB has young Board members – and it works.

Holding and Hugging

by Soeren Hegstrup, davidlane

A Danish research project to consider the effectiveness and morality of restraint

Rights which Remove Responsibilities

by Gill Wilton, davidlane

Does defining children’s rights undermine adults’ intuitive sense of responsibility?

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child :The Essential Role of Social Work

by David N. Jones

IFSW meets the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

Young Prophets

by Dave Wiles

The importance listening to marginalised people


by Bill Stevenson

Described by the author as the disjointed rantings of a grumpy old git