Hill End

by davidlane

An account of personal experiences of an adolescent unit.

Fetal Alcohol and its Effects on Communities

by Valerie Jackson &, davidlane

Don’t drink if you are pregnant.

What to Do if your Child is Burnt

by Joanne Atkins davidlane

Advice from the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS)

Girls and Physical Activity

by Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation

Half of girls in the UK are put off physical activity by school sport and PE.

Concerned Parents Keep Bedwetting Quiet

Bedwetting is still a taboo issue for worried UK parents.

Childhood Obesity — What are the Health Risks?

by , davidlane

Research with some surprising findings

A Few Minutes a Day for a Life-time of Effect

by Geraldine Abrahams

The importance of tummy time

Baby’s First Easter

by Dr Lin Day

Ideas for to make Easter memorable and offer new experiences

Fetal Alcohol Effects

by Valerie Jackson

What it is, what it does - to children and their carers

Myth Busters: Swine Flu

Department of Health advice for parents of young children about vaccination

Ten things about the Swine Flu Vaccine that Parents of Young Children should know

Advice from the Department of Health

Puppy Fat is for Life, Not Just for Christmas

A time for parents of overweight children to reflect, and act

Swine Flu Vaccine : Ten Myth Busters

by , davidlane

Answers from the Department of Health

Youth Alcohol Consumption Guidance Consultation

The Government wants the views of professionals.

Too Important to be Left to the Medics

by Chris Durkin

Considering social issues such as poverty in devising health strategies

Learning about Health

by Valerie Jackson

Teaching children about STIs, and the need for good parenting

Preventing Accidents

by , davidlane

A recent survey of parents’ attitudes and actions