Sexual Abuse

by davidlane

What has the public learnt?

Regulation Matters

by davidlane

The child care profession is struggling against the odds.

“Were you abused when you were in an Institution? Talk to us - we will listen”

A message for people who were in care in Northern Ireland

Regulation Matters

by davidlane

Members of the Campaign meet Shadow Education Minister

Internet Safety: Children’s Views

by Tom Church

24,000 young people declare their online rights and responsibilities for Safer Internet Day

Lids for Kids

Bradley Wiggins calls for compulsory helmets for child cyclists.

The Invisible Children

by Esther Rantzen

Running away puts children at risk, and services sometimes fall short.

Stop Church Child Abuse!

by David Greenwood

A call for a public inquiry into the abuse of children and vulnerable adults by clergy in England and Wales

Why Allegations of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Fail

by Charles Pragnell, davidlane

Problems with the Family Courts system in Australia.

Self Harm

Disquieting research findings and a call for action

Open the Secret Archives

A call for a public inquiry into clerical abuse


by Vanessa Rogers

A new phenomenon or just a different disguise? Bullying has been around a long while, and it needs to be …

Resolving Child Abuse through Restorative Justice

by Robert Shaw

Apologies and confidential confrontation as an alternative to legal processes

Child Sexual Abuse: The Experiences of Victims and Abusers

by Robert Shaw, davidlane

Exploding the myths.

Safeguarding Children- Changes in Perspective

by Valerie Jackson &, davidlane

Keeping Ahead of the Game

by David Pearson

How the child protection advice system for churches grew

The Danger of Neglecting Neglect

by Chris Durkin &, davidlane

The impact of long-term neglect is underestimated by social workers.

Wise Up On the World Wide Web

by Robert Fitzgerald

People looking after children in care need to be ahead of the game.

Vetting : From a Different Point of View

by Robert Shaw, davidlane

The lessons about what works have been ignored.

The Art and Science of Child Protection

by Chris Durkin

Success demands negotiation, feelings, relationships and a knowledge base.

Family Law: Dire Consequences for Children

by Charles Pragnell &, davidlane