Regulation Matters Campaign Launches Website

by davidlane

Aiming to register all home child care workers

National Family Mediation sent this press release to Children Webmag.

by davidlane

Legal Aid for Family Mediation goes Unclaimed as the Courts are Clogged with Cases.

Sixty Years On

by Kathleen Lane

Lots of clever technology - but are things better for children?

The Slow Poison of Unemployment - and a Possible Antidote?

by Chris Durkin

Rebuilding society and creating jobs could go hand in hand

Reading the Riots

by Chris Durkin

Punishment is not enough; a lot of hard work is needed to emphasise the positives.

More Effective Responses to Anti-social Behaviour

by Alan Gurbutt, davidlane

A response to the Home Office Consultation on Reforming Anti-social Behaviour Law

A Community Make-Over? - or Take-Over?

by Chris Durkin

New decision-making systems and service delivery structures are mushrooming.

Economics Where People Matter

by Chris Durkin

Going back to “Small is beautiful” and empowering communities.

The Tactics and Ploys of Psychopath Aggressors in the Family Law System

by Charles Pragnell &, davidlane

The need to be alert to a very subtle form of abuse.

Children and Ethics when using SMS and Facebook

by Vibeke Lasson, davidlane

We need to rethink our social behaviour and norms as children are at risk.

Bullying is a Personal Thing

by Valerie Jackson

Bullying is widespread and has to be faced.

Cut or Protect?

by Chris Durkin

How sport and culture can contribute to the nation’s health and wealth

How Will the Coalition Rate Children’s Needs?

by Chris Durkin

At a time of cuts, the need to take a strategic view

Institutional Discrimination in the Early Years

by Jane Lane &, davidlane

The need to be aware of the unintended and implicit messages

Environmental vs Bureaucracy Issues

by Valerie Jackson &, davidlane

From volcanoes to bed bugs, from farming to French officials; they’re all here.

Plea for Support

by Valerie Jackson

Help requested for a charity which helps bereaved children

Invest in Relationships

by Nancy Hamilton

Nancy Hamilton sets out her message as the new SCA President

After the Election: Will Vulnerable Children and Young People Get Priority? A Bigger Role for the Church?

Christian Child Care Forum

Wake Up Call

by Chris Durkin &, davidlane

Both in Haiti and the UK, young people need long-term economic solutions

Forward to the Past: A Return to Victoriana and Male Dominance

by Charles Pragnell, davidlane

New Work on the Sociology of Childhood

by the BSA Childhood Study Group, davidlane

A Conference Report on EYPS, children’s books and disability, ADHD, children’s achievements, loving relationships, gifted children, and twins

Of Dissertations and Disclosures

by Chris Durkin &, davidlane

Letting people express themselves in their own time and in their own ways

A Recipe for Disaster

by Chris Durkin

Sending children to prison solves nothing.

Know More

A campaign launched by Young Addaction Liverpool to inform the public about the range of services available to help people …

Launch of a New Childhood Study Group

by Christina Lancucki, davidlane

The chance to network on the Sociology of Childhood

Converting a Problem into an Opportunity

by Chris Durkin &, davidlane

For individuals and the Government the recession offers the chance to change for the better.

Why Be a Social Worker?

by Chris Durkin &, davidlane

The importance of motivation and the pitfalls of managerialist priorities

The Shame of Britain’s Intolerance of Children

Findings of a public opinion survey commissioned by Barnardo’s

The Damaging Effects of Child Protection Policies

by Professor Frank Furedi and Jennie Bristow

A new report spells out the dangers of a fearful risk-averse culture.

Education, Success and Rewards

by Chris Durkin

Social exclusion and poverty v. education and achievement

Making Mental Health Services for Young People a Priority

by Norman Lamb MP &, davidlane

Constituents’ needs pointed up weaknesses in the Government’s drive to improve health services.

Call Yourself a Professional? – or just a Member of a Workforce?

by David Lane

What has gone wrong, and what you can do about it.

Power and Powerlessness

by Chris Durkin &, davidlane

The dangers of ignoring complexities if we are to meet children’s needs

Understanding the Abnormal : An Interview with Monika Niederle

The social pedagogy angle on the case of Josef Fritzl

How Historical Attitudes to Violence to Children were Changed

by Heikki Sariola

Child care activists in Finland created the concept of punishment-violence and changed public perceptions of corporal punishment.

Talking and Listening: Vital in Resolving Violence

by Chris Durkin

Inquiring seriously into the causes of crime will do more than trying to confiscate knives.

The Silence of the Media Lambs!

by Charles Pragnell

New Challenges and Opportunities for Children’s Services Professionals

by John Chowcat, General Secretary, Aspect - Association of Professionals in Education and Children's Trusts, davidlane

How Aspect is helping to shape the future of the professions which work with children

Doctors in a Dilemma

by Charles Pragnell &, davidlane

Examinations need to be thorough before child abuse is alleged

Family Therapy is Not Out of Date

by Chris Durkin

Making the abuser accountable while working with the whole family

Addressing the Causes of Crime

by Chris Durkin

Healthy involved communities are needed, to reduce crime.

Scene on a Train

by Kathleen Lane

Observing parenting in action

Children at Risk in Modern Family Life

by Dr Steen Mogens Lauge Lasson

Faced with the stresses of modern life styles, families need support.

The Crisis We Face : The Loss of Childhood - What can be Done?

by Sarah Woodhouse, davidlane

Children need loving care from the start to prevent later violent behaviour

Working Together - Job Centres, Children’s Centres and Parents : Different perspectives on a common goal

by Margaret Simms

Different perspectives on a common goal

Using Search Institute’s Developmental Assets to Foster Healthy Kids and Healthy Civic Life

by Marc Mannes, davidlane

Introducing a tested American programme to accentuate the positive

Barriers to the Inclusion of Roma Children

by Dr Sun?ica Macura-Milovanovi?, davidlane

A study of the impact of educational and social exclusion on Roma children in Serbia

Planned Environments in an Uninterested World?

by Richard Rollinson, davidlane

How do we create the right space for people to grow, in the face of controls?

Children and Technology in their Everyday Life

by Vibeke Lasson

How the generations react to new technology, and to each other

Albania, a Country Full of Challenges

by Anton Tobé

A strong economy is needed to counter poverty and develop services for children.

How children learn best

by Chris Durkin &, davidlane

The Hidden Cost of Care

by Chris Durkin

Educate the Parents to Educate the Child

by Chris Durkin

The Impact of Poverty

by Chris Durkin

Enabling a Creative and Fulfilling Childhood

by Chris Durkin

Mental Health Care for Young People – An Intractable Problem?

by Chris Durkin

Are We Listening – Really Listening?

by Chris Durkin

Adrenaline Alley

by Chris Durkin

Social Tourism

by Chris Durkin & Lynn Minnaert, davidlane

ASBOs and Animalisation

by Chris Durkin