Forward to the Past: A Return to Victoriana and Male Dominance

There can be little argument and debate that Westernised societies are patriarchal and are dominated by male power and control. This patriarchalism is powerfully enforced and reinforced in those societies by governments, political parties, religions, the judiciary and legal professions, and the media which are all male-dominated. In consequence women and children are oppressed and … Read more

Educate the Parents to Educate the Child

As the festivities come to an end for another year, it is important to remember that although it is a period of great joy for many, for some it is a very difficult time, filled with feelings of isolation and loss, and for others who cannot afford to celebrate it is dominated by feelings of … Read more

Enabling a Creative and Fulfilling Childhood

When I look back on my childhood, I remember happy times on family holidays, playing in the garden or playing in the snow. The memories are selective and often avoid difficult periods when I experienced failure and times when I felt alone. This rather idyllic and selective view also ignores the back-drop of some of … Read more

Social Tourism

Abstract: Social tourism, or the sponsored provision of holidays for excluded groups, is used in several countries of Western Europe as a way to achieve greater social inclusion. This feature discusses the potential value of social tourism for children and young people who are affected by social exclusion. It reviews the potential benefits of social … Read more