Book Review: The Jungle Book by Matthew Reinhart

Friday, December 1st, 2006

This version of the story is only twelve pages long, but the book is about three inches thick. That is because it is a “Pop-Up Adventure”. Each double-spread has a really magnificent paper pop-up, displaying a scene from The Jungle Book. The one with the monkeys climbing all over the temple claims to be the highest pop-up ever, the elephants are really solid-looking and impressive, but the best has to be Bagheera, leaping out of the book at the reader.

The blurb says that this is a “Classic Collectible”, “unsuitable for children up to 36 months due to small parts”. Absolutely right; it’s unsuitable for any child who may treat such books roughly or who wants to find out how they are put together – that is, if you consider the book to be a collectible to be passed on, used as an heirloom and brought out only on special occasions.

Within those limits, it is great fun, truly a spectacular example of the paper-folder’s art (“printed and hand assembled in China”) and well worth the money. We don’t suppose that the text will be read that much, as it is more of a looking-at book, but it uses American spelling.

Reinhart, M. The Jungle Book Simon and Schuster
ISBN 1-416-92639-9

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