In This Issue: October 2009

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

October’s Webmag is full of personal stories. Keith White’s contribution shows that it can take a lifetime to see the impact of good social work. The mother’s account of adopting has passed the bureaucratic hurdles and she takes her little girl home. There is another agonising - and gripping - chapter in A.J. Stone’s account of a boy in a children’s home. There’s a poem by Jen Kilyon about appreciating carers. And Isla Mitchell gives her account of a trip to Namibia.

Chris Durkin has raised the question of negotiation in child protection. There is a full report from Chris Lancucki on a new group looking at sociological issues in childhood. There’s a call from AIEJI to tell people about social pedagogy on 2 October. And Robert Shaw’s Key Texts this month are about the work of the Robertsons and the Winnicotts. The Editorial touches on the current press concern about vetting people who work with children, and there’s News Views.

Next month we are going to look at children’s books. Do you have a favourite you would like to write about? If so, please email.



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