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Thursday, March 1st, 2012 by davidlane

The Editorial this month is on the important subject of self-harm, and there is an article also, reporting on a survey on the subject.

Valerie Jackson continues her account of home education, “weathering the storm”.

Keith White gets to the heart of what residential child care is all about - dealing with the important through the medium of the mundane. Stuart Hannah is also looking at residential child care, and asking where it’s going.

Jim Hyland looks at the problems caused by the closure of CHEs and the interplay between politics and child care thinking.

David Lane makes a plea for greater openness instead of redaction.

We have three lots of straightforward advice for parents with young children. Dr Lin Day writes about Toddler Sense Classes, and there are items on bath-time safety tips, and ideas to keep children busy in school holidays.

There are two book reviews:

-           Talking about Death and Bereavement in School by Ann Chadwick

-               How to Win from the Start on planning careers by David Royston-Lee


Finally News Views includes the heart of residential child care, social pedagogy, a field trip to Germany, a conference in Ireland, HDJ and the Health and Social Care Bill.

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