June, 2012

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Editorial: All Change?

A turning point for the Webmag.

News Views

Including language impairment, epilepsy, childminding, fostering and adoption, rating books, the Golden Jubilee, running away, safeguarding, ‘research’ and Mittel Appenzell.

Human Rights, Children and Integrated Working

by Ally Dunhill and Dr Richard Burchill

How to improve interprofessional collaboration and prevent child deaths.

Lessons to be Learnt for Children’s and Society’s Sake

by Jim Hyland, davidlane

The fourteenth and final article in a series on the history of the approved school service.

Advanced Residential Child Care Training - What Do You Think?

by Graham McPheat

A CELCIS questionnaire for you to express your views.


by Elaine Forrest

A follow-up to a series by a parent of a disabled child.

When Things Come Together

by Dr Keith J. White

It takes time to judge success.

An Oral History of the Cottage Homes

by Gudrun Limbrick, davidlane

How children in Birmingham view their experience of care.

Changing Lives

by Valerie Jackson &, davidlane

A unique project which throws up lots of questions.

Sixty Years On

by Kathleen Lane

Lots of clever technology - but are things better for children?

The Invisible Children

by Esther Rantzen

Running away puts children at risk, and services sometimes fall short.

They Never Meant to….

by Terry Hoon, davidlane

The effects of unintended consequences and short-sighted planning.

Top Tips for Handling a Teething Baby

by Dr. Lin Day

How parents can avoid the pitfalls.