April, 2011

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by , davidlane

Editorial : More Haste, More Chaos

Developing social policy needs to take time.

I Have Seen the Future in East Africa

by Dr Keith J. White

Home-grown services that meet children’s needs.

Beyond Caring : Chapter 21

by A.J. Stone, davidlane

Is there a future for a boy with a past?

Attachment and Resilience in Residential Care: A Historical Perspective

by by Robert Shaw, davidlane

Long-term relationships are important for a successful childhood, whatever the setting.

A Hundred Years at Caldecott

by Simon Rodway, davidlane

A perspective on changes, developments and losses.

Approved Schools : Strengths and Weaknesses

by Jim Hyland, davidlane

The third in a series on the history of the Approved School syste

Manifesto 2011-2012

An opportunity for professionals to set the agenda.

Teacher Diaries 1 : Learning to Teach

by Valerie Jackson &, davidlane

The old methods were the bes

Baby’s First Easter

by Dr Lin Day

Ideas for to make Easter memorable and offer new experiences

A Manifesto for Change

Proposals for a change in family law in Australia from the Family Law Reform Alliance of Australia.

The Clyde Report on Homeless Children:Chaired by James Clyde

Digest by Robert Shaw

A practical review with clear conclusions which shaped Scotland’s child care services.

The Kilbrandon Report:Chaired by Lord Kilbrandon

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

An outstanding report which placed Scotland in the lead in the treatment of young offenders.

Reading Together

Book Review by , davidlane

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