January, 2011

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Editorial: Happy 2011

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News Views

by , davidlane

Including locking children up, justice, leaving care, smells, the X Factor, toddlers’ tantrums, CORE, the Mouse Club, the Pushmepullyou, Youth …

Beyond Caring: Chapter 18

by A.J. Stone

Is there a future for a boy with a past?


by Dr Keith J. White

Social networks matter at key change points in children’s lives.

How was it for You?

by Clair Davies, davidlane

Christmas can be a difficult time, but it is special.

A Fieldtrip to Freiburg

by Charlotte Levene

A reflective diary of a visit to learn about social pedagogy in practice

International Developments in Social Pedagogy

by Benny Andersen

Season’s Greetings from Benny Andersen, President of AIEJI

Children and Ethics when using SMS and Facebook

by Vibeke Lasson, davidlane

We need to rethink our social behaviour and norms as children are at risk.

Keeping Ahead of the Game

by David Pearson

How the child protection advice system for churches grew

Training and Education in Child Care

by Valerie Jackson

Training has evolved - but not all for the better?

The Corporate Family

by David Lane

An idea for supporting care leavers

Ten Things to Look for When Choosing a Nursery

by Arti Poddar, davidlane

Tips for parents

From Coalface to Facebook? A CCHN Conference report

by , davidlane

The impact of new technology on recording child care experiences

goodenoughcaring.com: A message from Charles Sharpe

by Charles Sharpe

The eighth issue of the journal is now out.

‘Britain’s Sixteen-Year-Olds’ by Ken Fogelman

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

Following a cohort through adolescence

‘Growing up in Great Britain’ by Ken Fogelman

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

Collating the findings and implications