March, 2010

In This Issue: March 2010

Insuring Your Child at University

by Greenlight

An article provided by Greenlight

News Views

Including a new residential care blog site, social work visits, the aftermath of crime, teddy bears and an anonymous staffing …

Fetal Alcohol Effects

by Valerie Jackson

What it is, what it does - to children and their carers

To Infinity and Beyond

by Kathleen Mulvey, davidlane

How training can develop careers and education can open the eyes

Foster Care - When do the Child’s Rights Begin?

by James Moran, davidlane

Should settled children be uprooted to meet parents’ wishes?

Looking for the Face

by Dr Keith J. White

How recognition moulds relationships and identities

Editorial: Faith

Unmeasurable and immeasurably important

‘Cottage Six: The Social System of Delinquent Boys in Residential Treatment’ by Howard W Polsky

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

A neutral stance is impossible for a participant observer.

‘After Grace, Teeth: A Comparative Study of Residential Experience of Boys in Approved Schools’ by Spencer Millham, Roger Bullock and Paul Cherrett

‘Research Methods in Early Childhood: An Introductory Guide’ by Penny Mukherji and Deborah Albon

Book Review by Maureen O'Hagan

Methodologies, ethics, techniques - it’s all there.

‘Metamorphoses- Troubled Children over Four Decades’ by James Rogers

Book Review by Valerie Jackson

Learning from the past: systems change, but do the children?

‘Early Childhood Studies’ by Johnson and Nahmad-Williams

Book Review by Maureen O'Hagan &, davidlane

A comprehensive guide on child development for all students

‘Changing Times, Changing Needs : A History of the Catholic Children’s Society in Westminster’ by Jim Hyland

Book Review by David Lane

A history of the Catholic Children’s Society in Westminster

‘Happy Kids Happy You’ by Sue Beever

Book Review by Valerie Jackson

How to have a hassle-free home