February, 2009

Feb 2009: In This Issue

Too Important to be Left to the Medics

by Chris Durkin

Considering social issues such as poverty in devising health strategies

Learning about Health

by Valerie Jackson

Teaching children about STIs, and the need for good parenting

Editorial: Health

The importance of a long-term holistic approach

Longing for Home

by Dr Keith J. White

The importance of having somewhere to belong, a place you can all home

Raising Funds for World Challenge Expedition

by Isla Mitchell, davidlane

Working hard to raise money to be able to work hard - and have a good time

‘Homer Lane and the Little Commonwealth’ by Elsie Bazeley

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

The classic example of a self-governing community for children

‘Road to Life’ by Anton Makarenko

Digest by Robert Shaw, davidlane

An honest account of learning to run a community for young offenders by experience

‘Advanced Early Years’ by Iain Macleod-Brudenell and Janet Kay

Book Review by Wanda Gibson, davidlane

A comprehensive text book for advanced early years students

‘Residential Care - A Positive Future’ Edited by Terry Philpott

Book Review by David Lane

The impact of the Wagner Report over the last two decades

‘Practical EYFS Handbook’ by Penny Tassoni

Book Review by Cindy Grant

A textbook for students geared to current UK systems

CAU! Want Help

Calling on children and young people to join the campaign

News Views

Including MMR and the media, well-being, eating for two, coughs and sneezes, emergency care, nanny-sharing, expeditions, whistle-blowing and communication

First Aid Manual

Book Review by David Lane

The UK’s only fully authorised guide

The Social Educator in a Globalised World

A major Congress for anyone interested in social pedagogy / social education