January, 2009

Children Webmag Jan 2009: In This Issue

Wanted: Dialogue on Training and Education

Looking for articles, emails and blogs - facts and ideas

Introduction to Training in the Early Years

by Maureen O'Hagan &, davidlane

An outline of how training for early years workers has developed in the UK

Training and Education in Child Care

by Valerie Jackson

Who Would Be a Tutor?

by Wanda Gibson

Looking back on the highs and lows of a career in FE

“Take Away Two from Three and You’ll be Left with One”

by Dr Keith J. White &, davidlane

The symbolism of gain and loss in mathematics and stealing

Training and Education of Child Care Workers

Both training and education are vital and need to be protected.

Fight - to Get it Right

by Kathleen Lane

The priorities in meeting the needs of children in care

The Changing Face of Registered Childminding!

by Pauline

Registration … induction …Ofsted … EYFS … degrees … and the Childminding Forum

(1) A Good Start and (2) the UNCRC

by Zoe Renton

A report from the All-Party Parliament Group on Children

‘Residential Task in Child Care’ by Barbara Kahan and Geoff Banner

Digest by Robert Shaw

A landmark report that set professional standards for residential child care

‘Patterns of Career Development in Group Care’ by Karen Vander Ven

Digest by Robert Shaw

A holistic approach to child care and the developmental needs of staff at different levels

Children Webmag: In Future Issues

We shall be considering health in February, Parents’ Views in March and Disability in April. Why not write for us?

‘Inclusion, Equality and Diversity in Working with Children’ by S. Griffin

Book Review by Cindy Grant

Good Enough Caring Journal

News Views

Including missing children, maths teaching and motivation, abuse at Caldicott School, play, two re-organisations - social services and primary schooling …