Book Review: Why Loves Matters: how affection shapes a baby’s brain. by Sue Gerhardt

Review by David Lane In reviewing this book for the Guardian, Rebecca Abrams says that the book is “hugely important” which I would endorse, but she commits the sin of omission in saying that it should be “mandatory reading for all parents, teachers and politicians”, as she should have included child care workers of all … Read more

“On Literature” by Dr Keith White

Thankfully for those of us who live alongside, and try to understand, support and care for children, whether as parents, teachers, counsellors, therapists, or social workers, know that there is a range of sources of knowledge and wisdom available to help us. Such resources are over and above our own intuitions, common sense and experience.  … Read more

National Commissioning Conference Chair’s introduction 2015. By Jonathan Stanley

Reflection, appropriation, acceleration, activation, democracy and dialogue. The National Commissioning Conference Training is undoubtedly amongst the best programmes of any conference. The reason is that the programme is put together by those doing the task for those doing the task. It’s the place we come to hear who is doing what. It’s a place of … Read more

Group working models – What does a psychologically informed planned environment bring to a traumatised child? by Morwenna Rogers.

Humans are social beings. Historically individual humans are weak, at risk from predators and incapable of surviving for long in nature without others. By being part of a family network; a community or some form of functional group i.e. hunter-gatherer societies, was and still is the safest way to survival. This is thought to be … Read more

Why I am working at The Mulberry Bush School, a personal exploration of my motivations. By Franco Dorinzi

In my essay, I will initially provide a description of the concept of work, from an etymological and historical point of view, to give a possible explanation of why people work. Then I will refer to relevant human development and career theories to illustrate how people choose their career.  In doing so I will draw … Read more

National Centre News: July/August 2015

Dear Readers, A warm welcome to our newest alliance members David Lane ( Independent Child Care Consultant), Elizabeth King ( Principal Psychologist, South Lanarkshire Council) and PACT ( Parents and Children Together), taking our membership to 75 organisations.  See attached flyer for our mission, aims, core values statement and current membership list. Please circulate this … Read more

Therapeutic Care in Family Settings by John Whitwell

Introduction. I became the Chief Executive of ISP (Integrated Services Programme) in 1999 following a 14 year period as the Principal of the Cotswold Community, a pioneering residential therapeutic community for emotionally unintegrated boys (Tomlinson 2004, Whitwell 1989). ISP was started by foster carers in 1987 and was the first independent fostering provider in the UK. A core … Read more

In Residence: ”But he was my father….” by Dr Keith White

From the moment I heard these words I knew that I must write down the context and sequence of events that led up to them. It was 72 hours ago, and this is the first window of opportunity: a Sunday evening in mid-summer accompanied by the birdsong of thrushes, and a pleasing breeze. This is … Read more

A Case Study: Behaviour Management Plans by Victoria Faulkner-Barrett

This paper by Victoria Faulkner – Barrett, who is a Therapeutic Care Worker at the Mulberry  Bush School, is a final year assignment from our Level 5 Foundation Degree in ‘therapeutic work with children and young people’ accredited by the University of the West of England. Introduction The Mulberry Bush Organisation, a Non-Maintained Residential Special … Read more

Good Enough Caring Journal issue 17: Charles Sharpe

Issue 17 of the goodenoughcaring Journal, ‘ The Mulberry Bush Issue’ is now online at    This very special issue of the goodenoughcaring Journal is a celebration and recognition of the work of the Mulberry Bush School and Organisation since its founding in 1948 by Barbara Dockar Drysdale. Perhaps more significantly the articles in … Read more

News: Left – Handers Day

Left-Handers Day: Helping left handed children in a right-handed world View this release online at: Additional media available: image(s) 13 July 2015. If you have a left-handed child, it’s nice to know that left-handers worldwide will unite on 13th August 2015 to mark International Left-Handers Day with a tongue-in-cheek celebration of the many talents … Read more

New title for webmag

Dear readers, As I stated in my recent introduction, our aim is to grow the reach and influence of the webmag. The mission of the National Centre for Therapeutic Residential and Foster Care is: ‘to share knowledge about therapeutic residential and foster care for children and young people, and to support the use of reflective … Read more

A warm welcome to Webmag readers from John Diamond, Chair

Dear readers, I would like to thank Keith White, David Lane, and all the Children Webmag team for their dedicated work to establish and develop it since 2000. At this point of transition I feel it is a great privilege and honour to be taking over as Chair. I hold huge respect for the history … Read more


Dear Readers, It is my pleasure and privilege to inform you that Children Webmag is being transferred into new and very capable hands: the National Centre for Therapeutic Residential and Foster Care, located within the Mulberry Bush School. Having been associated with the Webmag from its very early days (March 2000) as a columnist, and … Read more

Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Conference

11/09/2013 Mercure Blackburn Dunkenhalgh Hotel Information Never has there been as much media, political and public scrutiny of how we seek to protect vulnerable children from sexual exploitation and abuse, with national attention on investigations such as Savile and Hall. In addition the internet continues to carry an increasing threat of grooming to vulnerable children. … Read more